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Call Off the Search Party!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been silent for so long. I have been ill for 3 months and still am to some degree, though things seem to be improving slowly. I hope to be fully recovered in a month or two.

I've not really been well enough to post my pictures on Renderosity or even open the shop on my site, even though I have done much of the work for that. I'll open soon, but it is on hold for the time being.

Sorry also that I have not been able to look at much of your new work or comment on it. I will be doing that in the fullness of time... and will eventually post on Renderosity again myself.

Before I became ill I started a NEW project on Second Life, which grew into something quite special. I have opened a gallery there called 'e-brink's Sunset Beach Arts'... an interesting on-going project which was quite therapeutic for me as I became ill. More about that later. You can visit it at Second Life if you ever go on there.

Anyway - here's a NEW picture called 'Playing at War.' In fact, I did this late last year and was going to post it last Christmas on Renderosity as a follow-up to my previous one 'His Best Christmas... Ever!' LOL. I thought I'd better not poke fun with the world in such an awful state at the moment.

She Stoops to conquer

Coming soon...
My plans have changed a lot and because of the illness I am in limbo, but there will certainly be more pictures.

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