The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

This is a fanciful image of a vague legend. There is a reference to an unnamed Queen from the Land of Sheba in the Hebrew Bible. She visited King Solomon to test his wisdom and was in awe of his observations. She is recorded as being wealthy and brought many gifts including spices, precious stones, beautiful wood and 4.5 tons of gold... The question throughout history has always been... why not 5 tons? Only the wisdom of Solomon can answer that one, but it may have been wisdom on her part to make it seem like she couldn't make up the round sum and was short, but trying her best to please – in return he offered her "everything she desired" – so if that's the case, it worked. She then pronounced King Solomon a deity... and why not? A gift from the Gods is even better. All clever stuff and very cunning.

This image was created using Daz|Studio and Photoshop.

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