Cherokee Launch

This picture is based on 'The Spirit lodge' – a Native American myth. It is dedicated to my friend Lynn – a descendant of the Cherokee tribe.

A Great Native American Chief kills a bear – his Animal Totem – and he himself dies in the process. Because he has killed his Animal Totem his spirit is forbidden to go on to the Spirit Realm. A few days later, his tribe sees a mist in the nearby hills that does not move and is in the shape of a Teepee. Through a dream, the Great Chief informs a member of his tribe of his fateful death and dilemma – and that he will be there with them forever, to help them with their needs in time of trouble.

In the future, the planet earth is attacked by aliens who are able to manipulate the minds of most human soldiers and airmen, rendering them useless. Only the Native American indians are immune to this power and therefore they become the saviours of the human race. In honour of their past and mythology, they built rapid response defence centres in the shape of The Spirit Lodge of the ancient disembodied Chieftain – always ready to heed the call to repel the alien attack ships and protect the 'Tribe of Mankind'.

This image was created in Carrara and Photoshop. All the models in the picture were made and textured in Carrara.

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