The Pressure Cooker

This image was produced using Bryce and Photoshop. Although this is in the Science Fiction section it is a representation of England as I see it. My country has been a pressure cooker for many years and suddenly blew last weekend (August 2011) when our little, overcrowded, uneasy country was certainly "a world on fire". England has been on the edge of anarchy for a while now and for a few days law and order was completely lost in some major cities. While listening to the politicians and our TV news media discussing the events of the last few days the phrase "what planet are you on?" came to mind. They are all often shockingly naive. However, whatever planet they are on, the pressure cooker is still right on their doorstep and despite how many spookily blitz-spirited sweeping brushes they get out onto the streets of London, they must not use them to sweep the tension and the problems back under the carpet.

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