The Mole Pokers

This image was created using Daz Studio and Photoshop. It is dedicated to a former member of our staff called Debbie. The Beagle family gather together for their annual Mole Poking day. The object is to discourage the local mole community from decimating the crochet lawn. They are each armed with mole poking sticks and are assisted by their serving staff and also the Gamekeeper and his wife. Here, they have assembled for the annual photograph. Left to right: Crawford the Butler, Anna the maid, Constance (daughter) with her husband Tom and their Daughter Molly. Gerrard with his wife Deborah and Hooter, their loyal hound. Sir Jeremy and Lady Beagle, with their Great Granddaughter Hermione. Priscilla (Daughter) and her biker boyfriend, Brian. Toby (son) with his wife Evetta and their four children Taylor, Curtis and Steven (Hermione has been mentioned). Lastly are Gamekeeper William Todd and his wife Alice. No moles are harmed during the event and in fact, the moles just move into the adjacent field until they have finished.

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